L’eau d’ici

Residency in Kiel (DE)
from July 30th to August 13th

L’eau d’ici is a collective literary and choreographic performance. Through stories, testimonies, poems, said, read, projected, gesticulated, floating, the seas follow one another in an immersive and transmissive space, where performers and spectators move, merge to form a collective body.
Each stage of work or performance is preceded by a training session conceived as an andragogical experiment in the creation of sensitive links, an opportunity to pursue the writing according to the individualities and voices encountered, feeding an ocean of moving narratives. 

If you want to take part to this training and have more informations,
please write to collectif.uklukk@gmail.com

Public presentations will take place as part of OCEAN SUMMIT on August 11th and 12th at 18:00

The project is supported by La Criée CAC, Kunstverein Haus 8 IM Anscharpark, DRAC Bretagne, OFAJ, Ocean Summit, Université Paris 8 and Crous Créteil.  


All texts we will work on will be translate in German 
All working time on text will be video captured and potentially used for video-poems

Tuesday 03/08

9 a.m > Introduction of the project, the artistic team and the workshop proceeding

9.30 a.m > Playing self-presentation cards

10 a.m > Collective Yoga practice and Pranayama exercises with Angèle

10.15 a.m > Artistic team will play the whole performance to the volunteers to discover the piece as spectators first. 

12.30 p.m > LUNCH

1.45 p.m > Fanny’s short warm up

2 p.m > Transmission and work on of two texts “Louisette” and “Douche-nuit” 

3.30 p.m > The end of the workshop day 1

Wednesday 04/08

9 a.m > Mathis short warm up / collective walks exercices, self-massage with Angèle and Fanny

10.30 a.m > Talking circle and writing workshop with Mathis and Barbara

12 o’clock > Transmission and work on the text  “ôrage” 

1 p.m > LUNCH

2 p.m > Work on a collective simultaneously reading

3.30 p.m > The end of the workshop day 2

Thursday 05/08

9 a.m > Contact dance improvisation training with Mathis

10 a.m > Transmission and work on “Apnée”, “L’eau de mon corps” and “Les porteuses d’eau”

12.30 p.m > The end of the workshop day 3

Friday 06/08

9 a.m > Literary jogging with Mathis 

10 a.m > Transmission and work on the last texts : “ôrage”, “C’est l’enfance” and “Gratuit je peux”

1 p.m > The end of the workshop day 4

Saturday 07/08

9 a.m > Yin Yoga practice and circle of Mantras with Angèle 

10 a.m > Complete Rehearsal (until 11.15 a.m)

11.30 a.m > Short second rehearsal with specifics focus

1 p.m > LUNCH

2 p.m > Video captation of selected moments

3.30 p.m >The end of the workshop last day 5

Wednesday 11/08 and / or Thursday 12/08

2 p.m > Carte blanche to the volunteers for the collectives warms up

3 p.m > Last rehearsal

5.30 p.m > Opening of the performance